See the underwater world with your own eyes

Have you ever have dreamed of floating weightlessly like an astronaut, investigating unusual species like a field researcher, or looking for lost objects like a treasure hunter? Scuba diving can make these dreams a reality!

Scuba diving is easy and only requires a short period of training to get started. Whether your goal in diving is fish watching, ocean conservation, or simply meeting adventurous people, seventy percent of the globe becomes accessible to you the moment you learn to breathe underwater!

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If you haven’t been diving in Florida, you are missing an experience of a lifetime!

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Specialty Course:
SDI Nitrox Computer Diver
The SDI Computer Nitrox course is a great next step after the Open Water Diver certification and is structured in an easy to understand manner...

Refresher Course:
SDI Inactive Diver
Has it been a while since you have been diving? Have 12 months gone by and you are planning a big trip? Do you want the reassurance that you are doing...

Wreck Dive:
US Tender RSB1
A 160-foot US Tender RSB1 was sunk in 120 feet of water with the bow facing North on May 14, 1994. There are large holes in the hold making this an easy wreck...